Affiliation Details:-

Details of Infrastructure:

Total area of school is 5058.57 sq.m the building is constructed in 2115.15 sq.m, and the area of play ground is 3550 sq.m and the school is constructed in one site which have the facilities of Science Lab, Maths Lab, S.St., Lab, Computer Labs, Library, Drinking Water, Rainwater Harvesting, Gardening, Yoga classes. One adjacent park is also being used as a playground with a registered agreement of Ministry of Defence.

Managing Committee:
Name of the member
1. Mr. Amarjyot Bhandari Chairman
2. Mrs. Rajwans Bhandari Treasure
3. Mrs. Savita Singh Principal
4. Mr. Gurdeep Singh Member
5. Mrs. Prabhjyot Grover Member
6. Mrs. Ritika Sachdeva Member
7. Mr. G.S. Manchanda Member
8 Mrs. Kusum Hooda Member
9. Mr. Anil Kumar Member
Period of affiliation:

Amar public school Affiliation period is 31st March 2024. The school is applying for extension of Affiliation.

Declaration of books:

Amar Public School the principal Mrs. Savita Singh and the Manager ___________are own the responsibilities of the books prescribed and for the content which is objectionable.
Mrs. Savita Singh Principal                                                                                            Manager

Academic calendar of the school:

Ist and IInd Term U.T. are already conducted. Final Term Examination will be held on 4th March2019.

YEARLY SCHEDULE 2022 - 2023(Tentative):
Festivals / occasion
April - 2022
14-04-2022 Ambedkar Jyanti/ Mahaveer Jyanti Holiday
15-04-2022 Good Friday Holiday
06-04-2022 New Session Begins Time - 09:00AM to 12:30 Noon
23-04-2022 PTM Classes I to XII
May - 2022
03-05-2022 Id-Ul-Fitr Holiday
5-Jun-2019 Wednesday Id-ul-fitar
12-Aug-2019 Monday Eid Ul Adha
15-Aug-2019 Thursday Independence day and Raksha Bhandhan
24-Aug-2019 Saturday Janmashtami
2-Sep-2019 Monday Ganesh Chaturthi
2-Oct-2019 Wednesday Mahatma Gandhi Jayanthi
Autumn Break (03 Oct- 2019 to 08-Oct - 2019)
13-Oct-2019 Sunday Maharishi Valmiki jayanthi
17-Oct-2019 Thursday Karva Chauth
26 to 29 Oct 2019 Saturday to Tuesday Diwali
10-Nov-2019 Sunday Id-E - Milad
12-Nov-2019 Tuesday Guru Nanak jayanthi
25-Dec-2019 Wednesday Christmas
Winter Break 29th December to 12th January 2020
15-Jan-2020 Wednesday Makar Sankranti
21-Feb-2020 Friday Maha Shivratri
9 and 10 Mar-2020 Monday and Tuesday Holi
List of U.Ts:
Exam Schedule Dates
U.T 1 16/07/2022 - 22/07/2022
First term examination 14/09/2022 - 28/09/2022
U.T 2 05/12/2022 - 12/12/2022
Second term examination 1/03/2023 - 15/03/2023
Norms of Fees:

The fee charged is very less and lots of concessions are given to the NGO and other poor children. The fee hike is only Rs. 100/- per class each year and some time even after two years. No change in other heads.

Annual Report:

The school had a humble beginning but since its inception it has surged ahead in Academics, cultural and Extra Cultural activities we believe in the all-round development of the children. We don't impart the bookish knowledge only but are helping them to be independent and to face the world with confidence.

The overall result of X and XII class 81.19 and 65.79 respectively.

Workshops are frequently conducted for eco-friendly environment. The students of class VIII and IX class had attended. They learnt how to save trees and make manure etc.,

Sports day and Annual cultural programe was celebrated in the school and educationalists were invited to speak on the program. Our students frequently participate in karate other games, quiz programs. Master. Shubham Kumar of Class IV, of our school is showing excellent performance in Golf. Students participate in Games, quiz,/ essay , Dance and drawing etc., and bring laurels to the school. To sum up I would like to say that the students have become very confident and as directed that opportunity never knocks at the door again. They make the best use of it, and bring lot of prizes for the school. We keep on encouraging them to have the following Motto:

Good Better Best. Let Us Never Rest Till Our Is Good Is Better And Better Is Best.



The Students will be assessed regularly throughout the year.


Internal Assessment: Scholastic
Periodic Test: The School will be conducting three periodic written tests in the entire academic year and the average of the best two will be taken.
Notebook Submission: It is aimed at enhancing seriousness of students towards preparing notes for the topic being taught in the class room as well as assignments. This also addresses the critical aspects of regularity, punctuality, neatness and notebook upkeep.
Subject Enrichment: All subject specific application activities will be recorded internally by respective subject teacher, laboratory activities, projects, map work assessment of speaking and listening skills will be conducted regularly during the academic session.
Co-Scholastic Activities: Work Education and health and physical education (Sports/Yoga) will be graded on a 5 point grading scale (A to E)
Discipline (Attendance, Sincerity, Behaviour, Values) : The Class Teacher will be grading the students on a 5 point grading scale (A to E)

Areas of Assessment
Term II Examination 80%
Periodic Test (Three in Nos.) 10%
Notebook Submission 5%
Subject Enrichment Activity 5%


In Classes XI and XII, we have cycle test/unit tests and term examinations
The School offers five subjects at the +2 stage from the following.

Compulsory Subjects
Optional Subjects - one of the following
One of the following subjects as 6th Subject
1. Commerce 1. English
2. Business Studies
3. Accountancy
4. Economics
5. Mathematics / Hindi 6. Physical Education.
1. Humanities 1. English
2. Hindi
3. Political Science
4. Sociology
5. Economics
6. Physical Education

Promotion Policy:

  • Students are promoted on the basis of their continuous evaluation which includes class tests, assignments, projects, class observation, life skills etc.
  • Promotion to class XII is based on the aggregate marks obtained by students in the UTs and term examination (minimum pass percentage in 33% in each subject and also 33% marks in aggregate)

Transfer Certificate:

Events Completed:

22nd January Basant Panchmi
26th January Republic Day
10th February Junior Wing Sports Day
17th February Farewell class XII
23rd April Earth Day
30th April Health Awareness
5th May Writing Competition
12th – 13th July Environment Day
27th July Tree Plantation Day
19th July Goal Setting Workshop for class XII
15th August Independence Day
18th August Rakhi and Card Making Competition
3rd September Janamashtmi
5th September Teachers Day
14th to 20thSeptember Hindi Diwas Week
4th October Cancer Awareness
31st October National Unity Day
5th November Rangoli Competition
14st November Children’s Day
22ndNovember Guru Nanak Day
17th November Traffic Rally, Road Safety Marathon
22nd December Annual Day
26th December Christmas Day

Details of workshop conducted for the students:

  • Student Edition Newspaper ( Monday to Friday ).
  • Invite for Movie fest on 3rd May 2018
  • Invite for Teaachers Meet on 1st Nov 2018.
  • Invite for Principals Meet 30th July
  • Times NIE intra school painting competetion 31st Aug 2018
  • Invite for Times NIE Inter school painting Competetion on 20th July
  • Intra school gifts(Pens).
  • Coverages covered in Noida Times on 11th jan 2019.
  • Workshops in the month of December 2018.
  • Visits