Each School has its own character, its own distinct and identifiable 'personality'. The integration of academic excellence and professional learning is one of Amar Public School's unique strengths. We strive for high standards in the transmission of knowledge, within a dynamic and interactive environment, thereby enabling our students to gain distinction and honours in their chosen fields.  

Mrs. Raj Bhandari
Name of Staff
Mrs. Savita Singh Principal M.Com, B.ed
Mrs. Deepa Nandirajog TGT B.A, B.Ed
Mrs. Hemlata Chaubey TGT BM.Com, B.Ed
Mrs. Anita Pandita TGT B.A, B.Ed
Mrs. Kusum Hooda TGT M.A, B.Ed
Mrs. Seema Chauhan NTT B.A, N.T.T, P.T.T Diploma in Library
Mrs. Sunita Saxena PRT M.A, B.Ed
Mrs. Anu Sood TGT B.A, B.Ed
Mrs. Kavita NTT B.Com, NTT
Mrs. Seema Sharma NTT M.A, NTT
Mrs. Ritika Sachdev Office Assistant B.A., Diploma in Computer
Mrs. Ace Xavier TGT M.A, B.Ed
Mr. Dhananjay Singh TGT B.Tech, Computer Science
Mrs. Savita Chaudhary TGT M.A, Hindi & Political Science
Mr. Rajeev Ranjan PRT B.A, B.Ed
Mrs. Ashish Kaur TGT M.A, MBA
Mr. Anil Kumar PET B.P.E
Mrs. Anuradha Sharma PRT B.A, B.Ed
Mrs. Sangeeta Malik PRT B.A, B.Ed
Miss Jyoti Sharma PGT, B.Ed, M.Com, MBA
Mr.P.S. Raju PGT M.Sc, M.Ed, P.G. computer Science
Mrs. Shruti Sharma PGT MBA
Mr. Kaushal Kishore Jha TGT B.A
Mrs. Renu Singh PRT B.A, B.Ed
Mrs. Priyanka Jaswal Dogra Computer Teacher B.Sc (IT), MCA
Mr. Mukesh PGT
Mr.Sujit Kumar Jha Part Time B.A
Mrs. Rachana Sharma TGT M.Sc. ,B.Ed
Mrs. Neelima Singh Librarian M.Lib
Mrs. Sheelu Tyagi PRT N.PT.T
Mrs. Nidhi Bhatt Computer Teacher M.Sc(Computer)
Miss.Ramnika Dwivedi PGT M.A ,B.Ed
Mr.Amit PET B.P.Ed